1990 - 1995
The company was founded in a location called the "Sonnenuhr-Haus" on Chemnitzer Straße 10 in Erdmannsdorf on 05/01/1990.
At the beginning Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Mähnert worked alone. In November 1990 Dipl.-Ing. Sabine Mähnert and another engineer followed.
A friendly engineering company from North Rhine-Westphalia gave us the opportunity to smell the fresh air of western economy for 2 weeks.
On 05/01/1992 another structural engineer was added to the staff. Because of the excellent market situation in 1994 two draftsmen could be hired.
After a break-in in April 1995, within one day the offices were moved to a building nearby. Already on the following day the company was up and running again.
1995 - ...
In 1994 the construction of a new office and appartment building on Neue Gasse 7 started, which could be moved into in October 1995.
An optimal working environment could then be provided for every employee.