conversion of a school to a residential and business house
Year: 2017
Services: zone permit planing, statics

Remediation and alternation
K.-Schmitt-Rottluff Gym (high school) Chemnitz (Haus 1)
Costs: Approx. 3,1 Mio Euros
Year: 2007-08
Services: Statics, struktural physics
Detail: fitting new stairs
Westflügel Burg Gnandstein
Services: Statics

Remediation and altenation
K.-Schmitt-Rottluff Gym (high school) Chemnitz (Haus 2)
Costs: Approx. 11.7 m DM
Year: 2000
Services: Statics, structural physics
Reconstruction and altenation
Care center for senior citizens Chemnitz/Glösa
Costs: Approx. 2.3 m DM
Year: 1995
Services: Statics for the alternation of the old building

Retirement home House 31
Costs: Approx. 13.3 m DM
Year: 2002
Services: Statics
Detail: Tieing of basement wall
House 47 of the BBW Chemnitz
Costs: Approx. 13.3 m DM
Year: 1997-98
Services: Statics

Reconstruction and alternation
Several protected buildings of the BBW Chemnitz
Costs: Several million DM
Services: Statics
Roof and roof truss of the church in Niederwiesa
Costs: Approx. 500,000 DM
Year: 1995
Services: Overall design